County Staff Listing

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Phone
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jeremy Abbas Assistant to the Engineer (515)-532-3597
Buiding Families McKinley Bailey Director (515)-602-6371
Recorder's Office Denise Baker Recorder (515)-532-3204
Public Health Jane Bangs (515)-532-3461
Sheriff Patricia Barz (515)-532-3722
Communications Dawn Beauvais (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Scott Beecher (515)-532-3597
Communications Nesha Benton (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Bradley Brinkman (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Timothy Brooks (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Michael Chase (515)-532-3597
Treasurer's Office Heather Christensen (515)-532-2691
Engineer/Secondary Roads Adam Clemons P.E., Director (515)-532-3597
Sheriff Steven Cram (515)-532-3722
Jail David Demory (515)-602-6152
Sheriff Jeremy Dodge K-9 Deputy (515)-532-3722
Auditor's Office Betty Ellis Auditor (515)-532-2771
Engineer/Secondary Roads Gregory Ersland (515)-532-3597
Conservation Jeremiah Feltz (515)-532-3185
Communications Vicki Fenske (515)-532-3722
Information Technology Andrew Flagge Director
Engineer/Secondary Roads Tiffon Willey Office Manager (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Dustin Gangstead (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Matthew Grimsley (515)-532-3597
Board of Supervisors Karl Helgevold District 3 Supervisor (515)-532-3262
Jail Kristyn Hennigar Jail Supervisor (515)-602-6152
Sheriff Jeremy Hogrefe Chief Deputy and Jail Administrator (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jesse Howieson (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Terry Howieson (515)-532-3597
Sheriff Barry Huedepohl (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Steve Janssen (515)-532-3597
Building Families Tiffany Larson (515)-602-6371
Social Services Lisa Leanhart General Assistance (515)-532-3309
Treasurer's Office Kathy Lehman (515)-532-2691
Sheriff Raymond Zeien (515)-532-3722
Conservation Bruce Lindner (515)-532-3185
Auditor's Office Debra Lukes (515)-532-2771
Treasurer's Office Michele Lund (515)-532-2691
Public Health Maria Martinez (515)-532-3461
Environmental Health & Planning and Zoning Sandra McGrath Director (515)-851-8878
Communications Colleen Meier Director (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jim Mewes (515)-532-3597
Public Health Barbara Meyer (515)-532-3461
Jail Suzanne Mikesh (515)-602-6152
Recorder's Office Elizabeth Murphy (515)-532-3204
Attorney Joe Corrow (641)-444-3240
Attorney Michelle Murphy (641)-444-3240
Sheriff Adam Nerlien Lieutenant (515)-532-3722
Veteran's Affairs Christine Oliver Director (515)-602-6208
Engineer/Secondary Roads Michael Oliver (515)-532-3597
Communications Wendi Palomino (515)-532-3722
Treasurer's Office Angela Petersen (515)-532-2691
Sheriff Anthony Pieczko (515)-532-3722
Assessor's Office Shari Plagge Assessor, ICA, RES, AAS (515)-532-3737
Engineer/Secondary Roads Nate McVey Road Superintendent (515)-532-3597
Board of Supervisors Rick Rasmussen District 1 Supervisor (515)-532-3262
Conservation Eric Rector Director (515)-532-3185
Engineer/Secondary Roads Matthew Ring (515)-532-3597
Jail Katie McCormick (515)-602-6152
Engineer/Secondary Roads Ross Roberts (515)-532-3597
Sheriff Darren Robinson (515)-532-3722
Public Health Cynthia Roosa (515)-532-3461
Recorder's Office Eric Russell (515)-532-3204
Communications Mindy Sawyer (515)-532-3722
Sheriff Jason Schluttenhofer Sheriff (515)-532-3722
Treasurer's Office Peggy Schluttenhofer Treasurer (515)-532-2691
Public Health Denise Schumacher (515)-532-3461
Sheriff Deborah Sebby (515)-532-3722
Social Services Jennifer Sheehan Director (515)-532-3309
Auditor's Office Joan Shillinglaw (515)-532-2771
Attorney Eric Simonson County Attorney (641)-444-3240
Buildings and Grounds Peter Smith (515)-532-2771
Sheriff Joshua Smock (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Mark Southard (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Kim Spangler (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Bret State (515)-532-3597
Jail Hannah Stensland (515)-602-6152
Auditor's Office Courtney Morris (515)-532-2771
Jail Debra Stewart (515)-602-6152
Engineer/Secondary Roads Todd Timm (515)-532-3597
Jail Braden Deal (515)-602-6152
Engineer/Secondary Roads Robert Waters (515)-532-3597
Board of Supervisors Dean Kluss Chairman and District 2 Supervisor (515)-532-3262
Engineer/Secondary Roads Joshua Weis (515)-532-3597
Building Families Angela Wesselink (515)-602-6371
Buildings and Grounds Andrew Yackle Director (515)-532-2771
General Number Wright County Courthouse (515)-851-0202
Assessor's Office Tonee Nicholas (515)-532-3737
Assessor's Office Kelly Corkill (515)-532-3737
Communications Patricia Brown (515)-532-3722
Conservation Brady Brott (515)-532-3185
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jacob Reed (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Marcus Spangler Engineering Technician (515)-532-3597
Communications Ashley Reiter (515)-532-3722
Communications Steve Reiland (515)-532-3722
Communications Bret Thompson (515)-532-3722
Emergency Management Jarika Eisentrager Emergency Management Coordinator (515)-532-3722
Engineer/Secondary Roads Jordan McLaughlin (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Heath Tulp (515)-532-3597
Engineer/Secondary Roads Dylan Bosch (515)-532-3597
Landfill Travis Connor Director (515)-532-2984
Jail April Meier (515)-602-6152
Jail Sheila Cordero Asst. Jail Administrator
Jail Leah Johnson
Buildings and Grounds Nate Lahr
Auditor's Office Amanda Meyer Finance Manager (515)-532-2771
Treasurer's Office Amy Krueger (515)-532-2691
Engineer/Secondary Roads Eric Meyer (515)-532-3597
Economic Development Darrel Steven Carlyle Director (515)-532-6422
Social Services Carrie Hisler (515)-297-0071
Economic Development Kim Demory Marketing Specialist (515)-532-6422