Major Employers


  • Eaton Corporation, an international manufacturer, employs more than 250 people at a engine parts manufacturing plant in Belmond.
  • Hagie Manufacturing, the pioneer company in agricultural sprayers, was founded in Clarion and employs more than 375 people at its plant in Clarion. It was ranked in the Top 15 Best Places to Work in Iowa in 2012.
  • Clarion Packaging, an internationally-owned company, employs more than 125 people at its plant in Clarion, where it manufactures egg cartons and four-cup drink holders. 

   Food Production and Agriculture:

  • National producers Centrum Valley Farms, Daybreak Foods, Sparboe, and Iowa Cage Free make Wright County one of the nation’s leaders in egg production, with approximately 15 million laying hens. Shell eggs and liquid eggs are exported throughout the country on a daily basis.
  • Monsanto and Syngenta, international companies in the seed business, have processing and warehouse facilities in Clarion and Belmond, respectively.
  • Wright County farmers are among the nation’s most productive in terms of crop yields. The county is one of the leaders in the state in hog production, too.
  • Ag Processing Inc., Gold-Eagle Cooperative, North Central Cooperative, MaxYield Cooperative, Dows Farmers Cooperative, and NEW Cooperative provide outlets for the sale of crops grown by Wright County farmers, as well as a wide range of custom services. 
  • Corn, LP, manufactures ethanol at a state-of-the art facility in Goldfield.
  • Zoetis, an internationally-backed company, manufactures and delivers livestock health materials at its facility in Eagle Grove. 
Health Care:
  • Iowa Specialty Hospital, with campuses in Clarion and Belmond, was ranked first in the nation in customer satisfaction in 2012, and has invested tens of millions of dollars over the past decade in medical staffing, expanded medical programs, and specialized facilities. It was ranked in the Top 15 Best Places to Work in Iowa in 2012.