Health Insurance

In order to protect you and your eligible dependent family members against the consequences of medical expenses caused by sickness and accidents, Wright County offers eligible employees the opportunity to participate in a group health insurance program.  The insurance program, coverage and eligibility will be subject to all terms and conditions of the contract with the insurance carrier selected by the County.  Details of the plan are explained in the County’s group health insurance booklet.

All eligible full-time regular employees and their eligible dependents may participate in our group health insurance program.  (Eligible dependents consists of spouse by marriage decree and/or any children bound by that marriage)  The County pays the majority of the premium cost, with employees contributing an amount toward the cost of the premium.   This amount is determined by the Board of Supervisors on an annual basis.  Part-time employees are not eligible to participate in the group health insurance program.

Wright County elects to buy down our deductibles through Employee Benefit Systems. Employees have the opportunity to select from three different health plans. 

                  Deductible Single/Family Maximum Out of Pocket Single/Family Coinsurance    In Network  - Out of Network Physicians Office Visit Copay Prescription Drug Generic/Formulary Brand/NonFormulary Brand
Plan 1   $500/$1000  $1000/$2000  80%/60%
 20%  $10/$20/$45
 Family Cost:  $202.50  Single Cost:  $15.00  
Plan 2  $750/$1500  $1250/$2500
 80%/60%  20%  $10/$20/$45
 Family Cost:  $152.50  Single Cost:  $15.00  
Plan 3
 $1000/$2000  $1500/$3000  80%/60%  20%  $10/$20/$45
 Family Cost:  $112.50  Single Cost:  $15.00  


The Board of Supervisors find it necessary to support theefforts in keeping Wright County Employees healthy in order to reducethe usage rate on the County health insurance. In support of this, Wright County will pay a portion of the full time employee’s membership fee to one of the local Health and Fitness Centers.