Golf Courses

Residents and guests to Wright County have the opportunity to enjoy FIVE beautifully landscaped and

continually upgraded nine-hole golf courses. What an opportunity to enjoy the summer and the outdoors!

All five have nicely decorated clubhouses with green fees, cart rentals, and no tee times. Memberships are always available. Golfers are encouraged to call ahead to assure that courses are not closed due to a tournament.

Belmond Country Club
1608 - 3rd St., NE
1 1/2 miles east
off Luick’s Lane N.
(641) 444-4183

Clarmond Country Club
1776 Page Avenue
Lake Cornelia
(515) 532-2911

Dows Golf Course
200 - 85th Street
(515) 852-4751

Eagle Grove Golf Course
1127 - 270th Street
(515) 448-4166

Oakridge Recreation
Oakridge Road
Goldfi eld
(515) 825-3611