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To find more information on county parks in all 99 counties, go to www.mycountyparks.com for a complete listing. 

Lake Cornelia
The most-used and best-loved outdoor recreation area by county residents and visitors alike is Lake Cornelia, located six miles northeast of Clarion and seven miles southwest of Belmond. The Lake Cornelia Park, a 122-acre recreation area, provides boat and picnicking areas, playground and play field areas, shelter houses, electricity, water, showers, modern restroom facilities, and pit latrines for day-users, as well as campers. The Lake is a favorite fishing spot in the county. 

Big Wall Lake
Located five miles east and seven miles south of Clarion, Big Wall Lake is a 907-acre marsh and is open to hunting and trapping. There are also 73 acres of timber and upland habitat available. The State of Iowa maintains three access areas to the lake.

Bingham Park
18 acres of timber, parallels the Iowa River south of Rowan. An excellent opportunity for the naturalist. Amenities include restrooms, shelter house, water, and picnic tables.

Boone River Greenbelt
278 acres located four miles south of Eagle Grove and 1/2 mile east of the Troy Rest Area, is a river corridor which includes an oak and hickory forest, open grassland, floodplain forest, and newly-seeded prairie. See Wright County wildlife, go fishing, canoeing, also open for hunting/trapping.

Dows Community Park 
A three-acre park located one mile north of Dows, is in a heavily-timbered area. Shelter house, water, restrooms, and picnic tables are available.

Elm Lake
619 acres of lake, marsh, and upland habitat, is located two miles east and two miles north of Clarion. The state provides a public access on the east side of the lake and is open to hunting and trapping.

Elm Lake Access
58 acres of wetlands and upland wildlife habitat in two tracts on Elm Lake. North tract provides lake access and parking. Open to hunting and trapping.

Morse Lake
108-acre shallow lake-marsh, is located five miles west of Belmond. The area also contains 64 acres of upland habitat and marshlands. The area is open to hunting and trapping. The Lower Morse Lake Waterfowl Protection Area adds another 1900 acres to the wildlife habitat area.

Oakdale Park
127 acres located 1 mile east and 1 1/2 miles south of Renwick along the Boone River, is a timbered area. Amenities include two shelter houses, modern restrooms, barbecue facilities, water, electricity, playground equipment, plus camping areas.

Pike’s Timber
A heavily-timbered, 46-acre park and wildlife area, is located 1/2 mile east and 1/2 mile south of Lake Cornelia. The area, with the Iowa River
flowing the length of the park, has three shelter houses, restrooms, electricity, water, and playground equipment available.

Troy Roadside Park
One-acre roadside park three miles south of Eagle Grove on Highway 17, has access to the Boone River and can be used for fishing and canoeing. Three large state-owned lake areas are within the borders of Wright County, which the county conservation employees maintain.

These and an additional 27 parcels of land (20 owned by the county; seven owned by the state DNR) are maintained by the Wright County Conservation officers. Most public use areas are open to the public for fishing. Some areas are set aside for public hunting. Others are refuges for wildlife.