Belmond City Park
212 2nd Street NE
Located just one block north of East Main Street and one block east of River Avenue North, on a full city block. A leisure recreation park covered almost entirely with tree shade and has play equipment, a shelter, restrooms, gazebo, tables and benches.

Swimming Pool Park
908 1st Street SE
Located at the municipal swimming pool on a piece of property of 5.3 acres. The park has two shelters with picnic tables and play equipment for ages 2-5 and 5-8 years old. This equipment was purchased in 2006 with a grant from the Luick Trust and installed by community volunteers. Restrooms are located on the outside of the Pool Bathhouse. Pool Park is the location of 3 tennis courts and the Extreme Sports Park which is equipped with ramps, rail and quarter pipe.

Ballfield Park
804 Luick’s Lane North on 5.594 acres. There are two ball fi elds on the park, one of which is lighted. There are restrooms, concession stand and equipment storage on the park property as well. The park is located adjacent to the Belmond-Klemme Community School District’s softball and baseball fields to allow for terrific tournament play!

River Park
A large park of 12 acres reserved mainly for passive recreation. There is a Disc Golf Course, two shelters
with picnic tables, restrooms, canoe access to the Iowa River and a trail through the park. River Park is adjacent to the Iowa River RV Park, connected by a trail. Be sure to visit our restored Rural School in River Park. Open by appt. Call the Chamber 1-641-444-3937.

Crown Point Park
204 5th Avenue NW
Located in west Belmond, “up on the hill”. The park is slightly larger than a square city block and provides for mainly active recreation. The park has play equipment, shelter and tables. A large area allows for baseball or softball games with a back stop but also doubles as a small soccer field with net goals.

El-Mar Park
Access to the park is gained between 104-204 Sunset Drive and 1016-1020 3rd Street NE. A neighborhood park, it is tucked away in the middle of a block in the Kirkendall Addition. A few pieces of small play equipment are set up in this park. The park is large enough to play catch or have a ball game with young children.

Gazebo Park
Located in the 200 block of West Central Avenue, has a restored gazebo and water fountain, playground equipment, picnic tables, public restroom and basketball court. Gazebo Park is the site of Clarion’s annual Festival in the Park, the second weekend in June.

Hanson Park
Located in 200 block of 6th Avenue NE, is home to two large baseball/softball diamonds. Little league and
boys’ high school games are played there in the summer.

Clarion Elementary/Middle School Play Area 
Located at 300 block of 3rd Avenue NE and east of the school buildings, is home to safe playground equipment for school children and the public’s use. In the northeast corner of the school property is a lighted ball diamond, home of the C-G-D Cowgirls’ home softball games and two tennis courts. East of the area is the
Cowboys’ covered football stadium, football fi eld and six lane, all-season sports track.

Aquatic Center Park
Located between 3rd Ave NE and 5th Ave NE & 6th Street NE, offers a shelter house, picnic tables, grills, playground equipment, basketball court, and public restrooms. This park is adjacent to the new aquatic center and the school’s 400-meter indoor/outdoor track.

Lion’s Park
Located at 5th Street SE, includes children’s play equipment and two lighted softball/baseball diamonds for evening play; new modern restrooms and concession stand ready for use.

Firemen’s Park
Located between 4th and 5th Streets SW and bounded by 1st Avenue SW on the east, is home of the skate park. There are picnic tables and playground equipment for use by park-goers.

Dows City Park
This large, beautiful downtown park located on West Ellsworth, is the center of Dows’ Annual Corn Days the first weekend each August and hosts the weekly popular Wednesday Farmers’ Markets. The large Gazebo Shelter is the focal point of the park. It also has playground equipment, picnic tables, water, and electricity.

Dows Pool Park
Located adjacent to the Dows Swimming Pool, the park includes an 11-space campground, shelter house, restrooms, running water, and picnic tables.

Dows Historical District
A lovely, shaded area with picnic tables one block north of Dows Community Center. Restrooms and water available at the Welcome Center.

Eagle Grove
Greenwood Park
Adjacent to the Wright County Fairgrounds. One of the most used parks in the county is located on a 31-acre campus in east Eagle Grove. It houses the newer Family Aquatic Center, the skateboard park, four softball/baseball diamonds, and the Wright County Fairgrounds, two basketball hoops, playground equipment, grills, restrooms, shelters, and camper facilities.

Hewett Park
Located in the middle of town at the 600 block of SW Second Street, has two newly-remodeled tennis courts, four basketball hoops, playground equipment, restrooms, shelter, and grills.

Parkview Park
Located on Parkview Drive in southeast Eagle Grove, has four basketball hoops, playground equipment, and a small picnic shelter.

Fishpond Park
Located in a beautiful area in northeast Eagle Grove, has as its main attraction a fishing hole which used to be the town’s swimming pool. The park also has playground equipment, basketball court, and two shelters.

Jaycee Park
Playground equipment on S. Eastern Ave.

Flowing Well Park
Located on the corner of SW 2nd Street and Cedar Avenue, is a very unique park, consisting of a small gazebo with a flowing well inside of it. A great stop for a fresh well-water drink.

Veterans Memorial Park
Located in the 200 block of West Broadway, was constructed in 2000 with donated funds and sponsored by the Eagle Grove Chamber of Commerce. This park offers a scenic display of flowers, shrubs, and vegetation in the central business district; it hosts a variety of community events.

Down Memory Lane 
One of Goldfi eld’s newer parks, located on the west side of North Main
on Mill Street. It is an opportunity for a nature walk, has benches, and several picnic tables.

Old School Park
Located on the east side of North Main, is a hub of activity during the summer months. Amenities include two shelter houses, ball/tennis courts, restrooms, playground equipment, picnic tables, water/electricity.

River Park
Located in northwest Goldfield on Cedar Street, the park parallels the Boone River. Major changes have been made aspart of its Park Dam Improvement Project, making the river navigable for many miles. With the help of grants and contributions, the river rapids allows water rafting and tubing; newly installed canoe access areas, a new shelter house, new picnic tables and benches enhance the usability of the park. Fishing enthusiasts test their skills in the park; lots of wide open spaces for people to enjoy.

Playground Park
Located at the corner of Bingham and Main Street across the street from the city complex, has a large variety of playground equipment in a newer setting; landscaping is continually being upgraded.

Woolstock City Park 
Located near the Community Hall, has picnic tables, benches, and playground equipment.

Woolstock Athletic Park
Located east on Herman Street, has ball diamonds, tennis courts, a shelter, and restrooms. Call (515) 839-5540 to learn more about using the parks for special occasions.